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Description: Primeiro teste a documentar trabalho em Machinima :) Visão aumentada da plataforma? English Version :) hello, welcome. Let's talk a little about Machinima, What is machinima? Machinima is basically a video format production-based in real-time capture of virtual worlds (these include games as well). Let's talk a little bit of machinima in Second Life is that I am most familiar. The Machinima in Second Life have had possibly beginning in 2006 when the platform was created, has been refined since then has been refined in several categories. The largest categories of relevance has been Machinima music (creates or recreates in low cost video clips of musical themes), the Machinima business (one that seeks to make a video production marketing of a product), the machinima storytelling (storytelling !AH), machinima documentary (some in a partial representation of reality and subjective), and the category I like to work for the election artistic machinima (which aims to create a vision sometimes increased by the platform). Let's talk about the project I have developed to this level. How does an increased projection of the platform? Basically the film is basically the Second Life environment, edit the compositions in order to obtain a visual work that would not be at all possible to do on the platform. One example to demonstrate this great tool is layered work (editing). It is possible to create, imagine and realize effects on objects, avatars or about scenes / shots. This whole concept is not only to Second Life, all the editing work is applied equally in real life so as in other platforms/games. (this is denoted by some work of professionals to maintain the standard of the film industry in filming techniques, universal techniques, such as Headroom, close, shots, panoramic, camera movement etc etc..) My name is Spy, hope you enjoyed.