Doctor Who 01x04 A Renaissance Tale

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Description: When an ambassador from the Vatican is brutally murdered in the church of Florence, the Doctor, Eve and Wesley must face the most dangerous day of their lives. Assassins stalk the dark and murky streets of Renaissance Italy, controlling the city and terrorising the neighbourhood – but who’s really behind them? The Doctor’s only hope of survival lies with an old friend, the great Leonardo Da Vinci, who lives in fear of the mysterious monk, Girolamo Savonarola. As the Doctor discovers some terrible truths and gets ever closer to reuniting with an old enemy, he must make a terrible decision between who should live, and who should perish. Life is no fairytale when there’s a mad Monk out for revenge… Doctor Who is the property of the British Broadcasting Corporation. Music composed by Murray Gold, John Williams, Jesper Kyd and Thomas Newman.