The Sisch Fan Club Ad

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Description: This movie was done for Youtube some time ago... I had a sucky mic, sorry about that... Well... I'm not *REALLY* starting a Sisch fanclub (though maybe I should)... but still... Sisch is one of the finest movie makers to lay their hands on Lionhead's TheMovies. I first ran into her movies when I had the pleasure of seeing the two parts of Reflection, a Film Noir flick that easily bested full-length movies like Sin City and she only got better since... Aside for being an amazingly talented movie maker, she's also a super-talented actress (as you can hear) and recently I ran into Groovy Nights - Turns out she can sing too :P Music: MoO 1 Voice Actors by order of apperance: (lines taken from War of Ascension) Rysto Mrs Rysto SailorKnightWing Kwistufa Sisch and me as myself, duh :P You'll have to crank up the volume, I'm afraid. My mic sucks Enjoy
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