Humanus Crimen Insons Insontis

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Description: Movie synopsis: Set around early November before In Nomine Patris, Thomas Hooker is preparing for his adventure ahead. Him and some of his gang members, Jonathan, Michael and Ryan beginning the events which lead up to In Nomine Patris. On the other side, Dunkel is facing problems with relationships and his wife. Cast: Father Thomas Hooker - Sparky1512 Jonathan - Marine101 Ryan - Andy_Inc Shannon - Mrs_Guppi Jim Dunkel - Anothernewdawn Michael - Ethanrunt Officer King - Kingpengvin Judy Dunkel - Lynette Officer Sam Frost - Marine101 James White - Marine101 Police Sergeant Henry Woolbur - Themonkthemonk Katerina Schmidt – Sisch Music By: -------------------- Bruscar5 Thecastred Worryman 8eyedbaby Sounds: ---------------- Mods -------------------- Frenhofer Guppi Ken Rysto 8eyedbaby Skinshack (if I have somehow forgotten someone...please pm me and I'll get a mod to slot them in...) Special Thanks: Ken – For helping export Part1, sending the vo’s, sets, overlays, etc… and hosting the Last Rites competition Andy – For feedback The Cast The Modders (without you, this couldn’t be possible – thank you to every modder out there!) Musicians Fan sites And Jase180 for help with the Latin titles Please be so kind to leave your review here and please try not to spoil much |Also excuse a few annoying fades and some odd SFX sounds.|
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