COLD Companion Two - Hunted

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Description: Hunted: Companion Two in the ongoing COLD series. This takes place the same night as COLD Companion One: intervention. The Vampire has been rejuvenated with the blood of a young victim and is ready to get back to the business of being the leader of his small coven of vampires and frontman for their band. Meanwhile, in another part of the city, The Hunter and his friend and fellow hunter Gabrielle are plotting to rid the world of The Vampire and his kind. However, a 'glitch' in their original plan comes back to haunt them, and now they must work on a new plan while they still have an advantage. This story starts in the early evening right before 'intervention: CC2' and ends early the next morning. If you're just checking out my COLD stories for the first time the order is; COLD REPENT COLD Companion One: intervention COLD Companion Two: Hunted
Categories: Horror