Lindsay Vs. Paris Trailer

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Description: Hello, everybody! Welcome to my trailer for my upcoming entry into Jakecheif's Are you tough enough for war? Competition. Sypnosis: For years, these two teenage girls have been fueding. Fueding over using Paris Hilton's name to promote Lindsay Lohan's new film, "Just My Luck!", calling each other names in night clubs, and calling each other Firecrotch this, and Firecrotch that, and a whole lot of kicking, biting, and scratching! Finally, the two girls have lost it, and will battle to the death even if it means breaking their nails. Who will make it in the end? Who will survive? Only time will tell! Cast: Narrator: Act3Scene24 Lindsay Lohan: Act3Scene24 Paris Hilton: Act3Scene24 Assassin: Act3Scene24 Michael Lohan: Act3Scene24 Emotions music: Ondrej_De_Triste Country Club set: Buthered_Studios Split Scene Overlay between Paris and Lohan: TPK. If I forgot anything, or anybody, please let me know and I'll fix it. Thanks! Enjoy! TPK
Categories: War Action Comedy