Dec.12th 2012 end of the world ?

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Description: Witness the power of Iclone 5. Can Johnny save us ? Can johnny save himself ? The movie will touch upon the modern day "in the news" issue about bulling -and deals with one common side effect of how the victim often will keep the bulling problem to themselves - afraid to to acquire help from anyone else-although-I think entertaining, it's animation with a purpose.... the movie will end up with a brief list of what to do about bulling from the Mayo Clinic. The movie establishes that you are not alone with this issue and it's Okay to ask for help. Check out Johnny Mom's face (woman in the kitchen) she was received by listening to the "Wolf and Dulci hour" on Monday Nights and was a Freebie (a common practice for listening) give-away by Wolf each week - I think she really added to the project - Thanks again Wolf and Dulci . FYI - I was already was halfway though making this video with Iclone 4 when Iclone 5 came out - and thought - it would be a good opportunity to learn about the new Iclone upgrade and switched the project over to Iclone 5 - and boy..... I'm glad I did. Every twist and turn I make with the project - makes me see - how much Reallusion has put into Iclone 5 - I can't begin to thank them enough - I just started to scratch the surface and I'm blown away - I can't wait until the next turn !
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