Thong Manor Act 1 Re-edited

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Description: Hello, everybody. I welcome you to my re-edited version of Thong Manor. This is Act one, and Act 2 will come later. Sypnosis: Roger Thong has invited 6 guests to his wondrous manor in the hills for a little game. If they stay in the manor for five days, they get to keep the gold. But, things go awry when the guests go missing, and the guests have to fight for their survival. Genre: Horror/Thriller/Dark Comedy Thong Manor list of Characters Roger Thong: Roger Jeff, the Steward: Ken Thong Assassin: Act3Scene24 Lisa Hobkin: Bella Jim Hobkin: Act3Scene24 Bruno Eggnog: Act3Scene24 Shelley Manelly: Bella Ron Manelly: Blazeleedragon Tilly Manelly: Bella Jim Nibble: Blazeleedragon Donny Flum: Act3Scene24 Captain Ben: Roger Overlays By TPK; Kitty in a Poptart Image courtesy of MSN images. Roger picture courtesy of TMU End of Act 1 overlay by TPK Music Xcyril's Alter Ego-La Mort de Chloe Alan's music stopper Xcyril's Alter Ego-Max S'introduit chez zeger et commence a fouiller Ehma's Beceuse Obscure Ehma's Antigone Et Creon Ondrej_Kapov_De_Triste's Emotions Xcyril's Alter Ego Ricardo Et Marc Au Parc Sets Living Room Set: Melghoul Country Club Set: ButheredStudios Castle Corridor: Patella Castle Bedroom: Patella Castle Library: Patella Castle Front: Patella Underground Set: Fraasmovies Backdrops Haunted House backdrop: Jaye Michael Costumes Roger Thong Mask: MikeDBoing Grim Reaper Costume: Evol Child. Special thanks to MikeDBoing for making a cool Roger Thong Mask. And, thank you Roger, and Ken for holding this awesome competition. Thank you Jorge, and Yami for critiquing my movie. Thank you cast, for making my movie possible. If I forgot anything, please let me know. Thanks. I'll fix it. Enjoy!
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