The Children of Llyr: Battle Scene, 1st Draft

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Description: A brief clip from the upcoming epic movie "The Children of Llyr", based on the ancient Celtic Tale "Branwen, the Daughter of Llyr". After years of bloodshed, the nations of Ireland and Britannia have at last forged an alleigance under their figureheads, King Bran of Britannia and King Matholwch of Ireland. The friendship is sealed with the marriage between Matholwch and the Princess Branwen, Bran's beloved sister. But alliances are made to be broken. The twisted acts of one bitter individual engulfs the two kingdoms in fire and shadow as war comes to Ireland. --------------- This clip follows the story of two British lords, Manawydan and Pryderi, leading an attack on an Irish castle in a bid to rescue an imprisoned princess. Much of the dialogue has been cut out; this is just a showcase of a couple of craftily-edited swordfights. Enjoy. :)
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