To Save The Day

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Description: By Zuckerman A WINNER IN THE CHRYSLER: VIRTUAL FILMS COMPETITION Written and Directed by Sam Midwood Assistant Director Chris Frey CAST MR. AWESOME Sam Midwood (zuckerman) DR. NUTZ Chris Frey CHIEF Chris Frey ALBERT Chris Frey COMPUTER Sm Midwood HOPE Kristin Chiles PHOTOGRAPHER Sam Midwood MUGGER Chris Frey MUGGEE Kristin Chiles OLD LADY Kristin Chiles CAB DRIVER Chris Frey CRYING MAN Bart Midwood THE HOTNESS Sam Midwood Can Mr. Awesome stop Dr. Nutz before he uses his BONKERMATOR (tm) to turn the entire city INSANE?!!! Perhaps... but first he's gonna have to find a ride. 2 notes: 1) The sound is a little funky on the online version... not sure why... sounds great in-game. 2) Some folks have inquired about the year 2022... not my choice... it was just the year the game was completed in-game. The film takes place in the now. Special Thanks To msaeluk for your amazing MED and Costume Editor and for so patiently walking me through it biggstrek for helping me get the Chrylers where I needed them to be ZebraHDH for your superb Superb Man suit which gave me the base that I needed to create Mr.Awesome blackstarstudio for helping me find the elusive thumbs-up scene (even though it didn't make final cut- curse that 4 minute limit) con77 and the folks at for always being willing to lend a helping hand and to the rest of the community... this is such a great place... and such a great game.
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