The Legend of Gilneas : Trailer 1

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Description: After 9 months working on this project, we are proud to share with you our first Trailer of the Legend of Gilneas, our first Machinima. This is the beginning of a saga, telling the story of captured gilneans after an epic battle of extreme violence. Therefore, they are forced to work in a mine which belongs now to the Forsaken. Even if Hope is gone, and even if many of them give up of fighting, Dawn, a young soldier will urge his companions to elaborate a plan in order to rise up against those who made of their lives a hell. It will be rough, strewed with traps, and deadly encouters, carefully prepared by Gawvar, a sadistic and brilliant alchemist working for Sylvanas, and Garadon, Brave Tauren, expert in Art of War sent by Garrosh Hellscream. The troop will make of maids as bad meetings, and we hope that you will follow this adventure that we are going to propose you. We cannot announce an official date of release yet. In fact, we're taking our time, and we will release it as soon as possible. Prepare yourself to enter the legend... Joko : Realisation Ju : Scenario writer W.V.A : Co-writer & Dawn's voice (in french and english version, and apologies if he has a french accent in english version ;-P) We want to thank Calisa for helping us in the translation. /kiss We are searching voices for english version. If you are interested, please send an email :
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