Advert Cult

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Description: Hello, everybody, and welcome to my second late upcoming entry for Kit's advertising competition that's already over, but whatever. I feel like uploading it anyway. Genre: Bizarre/Horror/Comedy/advertisement Summary: It's not an average advertisement, mind you. Nor is it an advertisement within a movie. No, this time, it's a movie that ties in advertisements right under your nose! Can you spot the dialogue that contains advertisements in them? Can you? Music: Scheming Weasel Faster: Music by Incomputech Alan's music Stopper Netherworld Shanty: Music by Incomputech Impending Boom: Music by Incomputech Overlays: A TPK production presents: TPK; kitty in a poptart box courtesy of msn images. Advert Cult overlay: TPK Darkness Overlay: CDG Cast Userjosh: Jimmy Dooduck John SnakeEater: Advert Cultist Greeter Advert Cultist Brothers Advert Cultist Leader Nerd Woman Gary Potsmouth Enjoy! TPK
Categories: Horror Comedy