Joke In The Box [Episode #1]

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Description: Episode #1 of a series created by me and Babar. Starring: Tie Alessandro Bricoli Ben Tuttle Asa O'Leary 'I love you baby' - Performed by Franki Valli and owned by some music company who I refuse to name and give free PR for. But Frankie, Kudos. Music by French Composer Bruno. (JazzX has not requested but has demanded in a childish nature that this credit be revised. I actually believe he has a point, However I will not be changing it just because he throws some toys from the pram. I will upgrade this credit sometime in the future, but certainly not whilst JazzX is making pathetic threats. I dont want a situation where TMU is activley policed for copyright, that would be problamtic for everyone at TMU. Sadly Jazz seems to want to walk this path. Have a good trip down that path I say to you sir. Non-Profit Fan-Film based upon property created by Bob Kane and owned by DC Comics. Thanks to Tarrison for the bluescreen mods, they really are an essential nowadays. Thanks to Mike D Boing who made 'The only fools and horses' car mod, which if you have good enough eyes you will have spotted.
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