Check, Please!

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Description: Tom's mother wants Tom out of the house because he's a thirty year old man with no wife, or kids, and mooching off of his mother, but at least he pays for his expenses. So, Tom's mother decides to hook him up with a blind date, and the rest is history. Join Tom as he struggles through the turmoils of his blind dates, and where it leads to. Laugh as his mother constantly tries to meddle in his affairs. Will Tom find a wife before the end of the season? Let's hope so! Because his mother can't take it anymore! Orky as Waiter Tie as Tom Zeebee Bella as Mother Zeebee, and Leela Logungle Music: Alan400’s music stopper El Originalo Diablo’s music Sgporshe’s cool Reggae Music If I forgot anybody, or anything, please let me know. Thanks! Enjoy! TPK
Categories: Comedy Romance