This Is Canberra Episode 1

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Description: Well, friends, this is an experimental WMV upload of a HD avi file, as I've not had a lot of luck with other formats yet. Shoudl the vid be available from vimeo, I shall replace it (depending on quality). A few production notes: This is an unashamedly parochial piece, poking fun at all kinds of officialdom and politics, both in and out of oz. I'm one of those people who doesn't vote for anyone who wants to be in politics, but realise we really can't do what the ancient Greeks did with democracy, so I have a rather cynical view of such things... Hence this series is full of stereotypes and larger than life characters. Because of that, it can come off as quite mystifying to the casual viewer unfamiliar with oz (as noted by a few viwers in their comments), so I've decided to clarify a few things so as to lessen the mystery. As much as a film like this might be harmed by them, a few SPOILERS are in the following notes. * Australia is part of the Coalition, with servicemen and women in Afghanistan and Iraq. The present government is implementing an exit strategy for the withdrawal of these forces from those countries. * A Galah is a wild cockatoo that flocks in large numbers in the outback in senseless mobs, making a racket everywhere they go. Hence - "as stupid as a galah". * Bob Sandwich is a parody of a current Queensland Member of Parliament who famously declared there were no homosexuals in his state (never mind that Queensland is larger than most European countries). * "Poofter" is anglo slang for homosexual. * The current Leader of the Opposition is famous for his negative attitude to anything presented by the current PM. It's a typical hate-hate relationship between them. * PM - Prime Minister. Currently Julia Gillard. Whether she likes cats or not is a mystery to me. * In 1975 Gough Whitlam's Labor Government was dimissed by the Governor General (The Queen's representative in Australia), resulting in a massive public outcry and conspiracy theories suggesting the CIA had a hand in it.... Complete bollocks, of course - or... is it? * ASIO - Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation, similar to CIA and MI6, etc. Infamously known for its botched training missions and poor intelligence gathering. * A "Doo" is colloquial idiom for a "party". * RAAF - Royal Australian Air Force. I've noted some comments about sound reproduction and how it's difficult to get the gist of what's being said sometimes. Apologies for that. I suggest turning up the volume slightly for the time being. I plan to remix and remaster this episode in the future, but thanks for watching in the meantime.
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