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Description: This movie is our entry in to the 48 HR Film Project: Machinima 2010. The event premise is you are given a genre, character, a line of dialog and a prop and 48 hours to write, animate, score, edit and upload your movie. Judges included renowned director Peter Greenway, machinima artists Tom Jantol, Phaylen Fairchild and professor Dr. Tracy Harwood Senior Research Fellow The Institute of Creative Technologies the genre was sci-fi the prop - water the character: Jack/Jackie Schmidt: journalist line of dialog "I can do something that you can't" War Technica team: AnimaTechnica, WarLord, Killian, Anm8tor Cathy, afterthought, machinimasound, and Alley it was an intense, gruelling, sleepless 48hours yet very satisfying as the essence of team work and camaraderie, forcing those creative juices to work around fatigue. Anyways the result of our effort was screened September 23rd and we were awarded Best Editing and Best Special Effects Now it may not be the most polished work this team could have produced, and there might be plot holes, rough animation, shoddy editing but i am very proud of what the team had accomplished given the circumstance - s you can also read my little description of what out 48 hours was like at :​machinima/​blog.php
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