Subway 3

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Description: A film By Sleeves The Third Installment in the Subway series. In the first 2, we meet Sam Cutt, who has gone into the Subway to be a part of a Reality Show. If he can last a full year, he'll win a million dollar prize. His doubts as to the "reality" of this Reality Show have kicked in - he's yet to see a camera and no one seems to recognize him. In this third episode, we are introduced to Peter Cutt, Sam's older brother. The broader story of Subway is layed out here - in a lot of ways this is the real beginning of the show as we witness Sam's tragic and mysterious past catching up with both himself and his brother, Peter. Thanks to Azuresama for her terrific VO for Jane. Her voice acting demo and assorted other things can be found at
Categories: Art House Mystery Drama