Bullets are Forever starring Marshall Parris

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Description: by the_georgezilla (If this is your movie and you would like it removed, please contact us) SEQUEL NOW RELEASED! Marshall Parris gets caught in a revenge match between New York's toughest crime king and a dead but remarkably crotchety math professor. (The Crossfire cameos in this one, too, AND there's a 'Princess Bride' reference. Ya can't go wrong there) More guns and ghouls than a Gwar concert! Paste this link into your browser address bar: http://movies.lionhead.com/movie/68677 I may have taken a bit of a risk with "Bullets are Forever", but my goal with this film (which was made to fit into the four minute timeframe of the Chrysler competition) was to fit a real plot, several sets, and a lively dialogue into a very short movie. That meant keeping the dialogue extremely pithy and the cuts very fast. One could well argue that things go TOO fast, but in this instance I'd rather have attempted too much than too little. Also, I trust the audience's ability to keep up with things (after all, this is the MTV generation). So in the end, I may have crammed too much in, but I wanted to at least TRY to create a story with some complexity and variety within a seriously tight timeframe. Overall success or failure? You decide. Go to the Chrysler competition sight and cast a vote one way or another for "Bullets are Forever". I promise to check out your movies as well, being new to the community. And thanks in advance for watching and voting! By the way, Marshall Paris is actually an exit on Interstate 70 in Illinois. Every time I drive by it I think it'd be a cool name for a retro-gumshoe. Thus, the origins of "Bullets are Forever". You all tell me: Should I make more Marshall Parris films?