Tales of Terrible Cinematography (MHW)

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Description: A MildHeadWound Joint t's next best thing to a BETAMAX & Scotch! Alcohol based home~video~freecam demos get a slap in the face in this, the latest comedy from the now universally recognized, penultimate, Mildheadwound studios. Simulated video helps recreate a simulated drunk, on the prowl, as the viewer is treated to an eyeful of what it's like sloshing around inside the 'wound' itself. Littered with triple entendre and manic diatribe, dangerous angles and vulgar situations, we are treated to a gonzo expose on the human condition, by the one person who is society's biggest threat! Mothers, lock up your daughters' chastity belts, (we prefer experience anyways!), and make sure the dog is in the yard, it's time to make a home video ! ! ! THE REFRESHING DRINK OF THE WEEK Paralyzed in Blue; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 oz. vodka 1 jigger each triple sec, curare sugar syrup dash blue curacao Mix. Serve in standard highball glass or intravenously.
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