Graphic: A Risky Business

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Description: Fight fire with fire. That's what Jones believes. He battles the occult with a team that includes (but isn't limited to) a vampire, a seer, an alien, a priest, and a ghost. Part of a much larger story, "A Risky Business' is but a glimpse into the world of Graphic. Directed by: Nick Blacketer Edited, Visualfx, Sound Design by D.L. Watson Starring Don Moore as JONES Nick Pemble as DALOS Nick Brooks as HEKEN Doug Aguirre as FATHER KELLY Kristen Lee as MARA Ryan Gregg as KEVIN Chris White as THE MAGICIAN Corbin Studer, Chris White, Nick Pemble as THE SHAMAN D.L. Watson as the VOICE OF SHAMAN > Environments rendered through Moviestorm. > Graphic filter from NewBlueFX's free CartoonR plugin > Effects created using After Effects > Characters filmed in live-action against a green-screen and composited into the Moviestorm environments. Shot with a Sony 1080i HD Handycam. Edited with Sony Vegas