Check Please: Episode 2: The Convict!

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Description: Greetings Forumnites to my second episode to my Check, Please! Television series. Synopsis: Tom Zeebee sets up for his new date and at the same time a criminal by the name of Penny Stone escapes from jail. Unfortunately, Penny Stone somehow lands in Tom Zeebee's lap, and Tom thinks that Penny is his date. What will happen in this new episode of Check, Please? Will Tom get lucky, or will everything go haywire? Only time will tell! Cast: Tom Zeebee played by Stephen Sanders Joe the Bartender played by Stephen Sanders Penny Stone played by Bella Mrs. Zeebee played by Bella John Hamburg played by Jorge Dean played by Jorge Melvin played by Jorge Captain James played by Jorge Hot dog vendor Mike played by Yami Customer’s 1 and 2 played by Yami Veronica played by TPK Sounds: Schrieb Uzi sound Bullet_Ricochet_Short_a: Bullet_Ricochet_Long_b: Bullet_Ricochet_Short_b: Pistol shooting 3: Clothes jeans take off: Music: Beatnik by Five_Mix_Colors Alan’s music stopper Pizzicato by Ehma Vingt_Neuf Janvier by Renald_De_Matrexasse Mighty and Meek by Kevin Macleod from Jamendo Sounds like a party to me by Sgporshe Xcyril’s-alter ego-max s’introduit chez zeger et commence a fouiller Impending Boom: Incomputech Sunshine: Incomputech Night Cave: Incomputech Overlays: A TPK production presents: TPK; image of a kitty in a poptart box courtesy of msn images. Check Please: Episode 2: The convict: TPK Darkness overlay: Cdg If I forgot anything, or anybody, please let me know, and I’ll fix it. Thanks! Enjoy! TPK
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