The Terrible Old Man

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Description: By Slarner *** Winner of the 2008 H P Lovecraft film festival competition! *** The Terrible Old Man by H.P.Lovecraft. This is my entry into this years H P Lovecraft Film Festival Competition. Written in January 1920, this was the first story of Lovecrafts to use the setting of Kingsport, Massachusetts - although my Kingsport is actually taken from photographs of Macduff, Banff and Whitehills in Aberdeenshire, Scotland (where my girlfriend is from!). This is my first film to attempt custom title credits, I also decided to go the whole hog and accept that I ain't ever going to get around to doing voice-acting so I might as well attempt to make "proper" subtitle boards to complete the old film effect. Which I then promptly spoiled by putting in some sound effects. Custom backgrounds and overlays created by myself (except for the full moon, which I downloaded from The Movies website). The "dated" look is created using Augie64's Movie Filter Mod (the best thing ever for period films!!!). The balaclava make up was made using MelGhoul's Ski Mask mod from Music mixed by myself from The Movies music and purchased from The text of the story can be found here: an
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