The American Dream

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Description: Finaly! It´s here! after 8 months of hard work The American Dream is finaly released. A lot of hard work has been put into this project, and I want to thank Ken for great suport and the help he gave me. Without him this movie might never have been relesaed. Story: The American Dream is a crime drama set in the early 1900´s america and Sicily, Antonio Luciano (SnakeEater42) is a young man living in Palermo. One night his father (Kopros) is killed by the don of a great mafia organisation in the city (Yeagmaster). When Antonio´s friend Paulie Ferrante (TFoster) finds his brother killed as well, they decide to kill the mafia don and flee to america. Some great voice actors where willing to be in this movie: SnakeEater42 TFoster RPOSHARD Kuroken Artorious Yeagmaster Wackyal3000 Todflax BlazeLeeDragon The music was made by: Kevin Mcleod, Enrico Caruso, Richard Wagner and Johannes Brahms. (All Royalty Free) Mods By: Edwoud, Frenhofer, Froci, MelGhoul, Lizard, Fraasmovies and Marvellousguppimovies. Written and Directed By: Me (Filip Holm) I hope you enjoy this movie, and leave a review to tell me what yu think (Honest please). Enjoy!
Categories: Mystery Drama