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Description: The ATLAS is en route to a Rendezvous at a Space Station in a far corner of the Trident Galaxy with Earth Alliance to send back Artifacts & Minerals that have been found by the ATLAS over the last 3 months while scanning the Outer rim. As they are scanning the last Planet (before the Space Station) they pick up a Broken Distress Call from the Planets Surface. The Codex report for the Planet stated that it was Uninhabited & dead. That there had once been a Mining Facility but it was now closed & derelict. As standard Procedure Capt Hero decides to go along with the Landing Party to see just who it is sending Distress Calls. On with the Show.. Enjoy! WRITTEN & DIRECTED by kwistufa ALL POST PRODUCTION - Magix Movie Editor, Magix Music Editor by kwistufa (With the Exception of 1 tune \"dukes Escape' from Budbundysmullet) Special Thanks to UBER for letting me use his Series & Mods ALONZO for importing them into MS.