Family Values

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Description: * * * * * WINNER OF THE 2010 OLLIE AWARDS FOR BEST SHORT FORM FILM AND BEST LEADING ACTOR (K4)!!! THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! * * * * * ***NOMINATED IN THE 2010 OLLIE AWARDS FOR*** - BEST LEADING ACTOR (K4) - BEST SCI-FI FILM/SERIES - BEST SHORT FORM FILM - BEST FILM/SERIES THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE NOMINATIONS!! :) "Family Values" is about a teenage boy who turns up at a man's house claiming that he is his son. However, the boy is heavily scarred and much of his face shows signs of skin grafting. He has robotic eyes and a synthetic voicebox and claims to have survived the fateful accident that had long been thought to have killed the man's son. It is set in the not too distant future in a world where robots have begun to revolt and the human race lives in fear of the atrocities it has created. Can the boy be trusted? starring K4 as the Father Orky as the News Reporter Toshiro Akira as Young Michael Macwemyss as Michael Music by Roque Banos (The Machinist Soundtrack) Mods by Ubernewbie MarvellousGuppiMovies Concordy32 TempleOfTheGods FraasMovies Thanks to all who have supported me through this project. You were the ones who made this possible :) Feedback is much appreciated.
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