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Description: Movie by Sidy. Originally released June 25, 2007. Japanimation style, xtreme action movie. full VO and new music edition. 7 mins 2 secs. new music : muzie, oo39. VO's : Harasi, Sidy, Sachika Souno. SE : Web Wave Lib, Oto No Yashiro, Much Makers, etc. special thanks : Pegleg, Nami Harashima. opening song : Loose bits. "Asian Soul" http:// ending song : Synapse. "Life As A Dog" http:// i talked to Loose bits and Synapse. i got use permission. thank you *attention* muzie is Japanese music site. finally completed. it took a lot of trouble to do the work. (about 2 month...) this is entry the movie contest in japan version. please enjoy ; )"
Categories: Fantasy Action Comedy