"One Giant Leap" - Chapter 1

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Description: Action/Adventure/Sci-fi Six-part mini-series, although chapter one fits more into the thriller/action genres. Later chapters get more sci-fi-ey. Sorry, just can't contain it in ONE genre! ------------ A group of people collaborate to uncover secrets that could completely destroy the earth sometime in the next 20 years. One man must make one giant leap, if they are to succeed in stopping the disaster. ------------ I wrote the 2 hour screenplay a few years back, but as machinima doesn't really lend itself to 2 hour epics, I've split it into 6 x 20 minute episodes that I plan to make throughout 2010 (in between making other stuff, comedy skits etc) Usually, I make machinima on my own, even "act" and write the music, this time I've collaborated with some fantastic award-winning voice actors, without whom would not have been able to make this, so I'd like to thank them... GoofParade - Voted best actor at the 2009 Ollies and won the TMOA Idol 2009 competition for his wonderful musical talent. Act3Scene24 - Multiple ollie-winner and fellow machinimator, creator of "The Clarks Show", Voice actor and all-round talent! Norrie Sinclair - Voice actor, TMOA radio presenter, co-host of the Ollies and very funny chap! Azure - British voice actress and writer, worked on many games, animations and audio dramas, including some very fine machinima.
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