The Nobbit Part 1

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Description: The Nobbit is an irreverent take on JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit. It features a cantankerous, foul-mouthed old wizazrd, a vain, aristocratic dwarf and a reluctant but courageous nobbit. Script adaptation by AnimaTechnica, BiggsTrek, and Killian Music Direction by Goofparade Act3Scene24 as Ballin BM McCauley as Groin Biggstrek as Gary the Troll Aknzrdude as Fred the Troll AfterThought as Loosey the troll Stvndysn as El Rondo Anm8rCathy as Gollum Tom Kay as Smug theMonk as Oys the Orc Mefune Akira as Be-O Norrie as Warg Rider Chris62 as Bored of Laketown AfterThought as Thorondor BiggsTrek as Magic Mirror Alley as Snowpale Afterthought as Townswoman Jakechief as Thrush Twilit.tera as Gorefinger Music "The Ballad of Dildo Bigguns" - performed by Goofparade (Lyrics Animatechnica and Goofparade) Cover of The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins music by Charles Randolph Green recorded by Gp featuring R.Bradley "The Dildo Believer Song" performed by MacWeymss (lyrics by Anima Technica) based on Daydream Believer by John Stewart "The Sindarin Folk" song by Friendryfire "The Black Riders" by friendryfire "Evening Star" by friendryfire "Boxer" by Biggstrek "Because I Got High" performed by Goofparade (lyrics by AnimaTechnica) original song/lyrics by Afroman "In Dreams" (lyrics by Anima Technica) performed by twilit.tera original song by Howard Shore and Fran Walsh "In Dreams" flute performed by Falconpilot5 "All by Myself" performed by Anm8rCathy (lyrics by Animatechnica) based on the original song by Eric Carmen select tracks from Sound effects from a big thank you to: Biggboss - Skintight mesh Mike Apparicio - dynamic beards Warlord - destructible props Borrowind - rabbit hole prop background images select props from Google warehouse Funny Mean Names - Special Thanks John Martin, Charles Chen of Reallusion for making iClone and for their valuable support and encouragement
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