Subway 2

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Description: A film By Sleeves his is the second installment in the "Subway: The Reality Show" Series. In the first episode we're introduced to Sam, who has gone to live in the subway under the impression that he's being filmed for a reality show. If he can make it to the end of the year without leaving the subway, he'll win a million dollars. But he's yet to see a single camera and no one seems to recognize him. Powerful uncertainty persists. But Sam finds that he cannot leave and risk losing the possible prize. Also, he's fallen in love with a woman who daily rides through on one of the passing subway cars. He thinks her name is Jane or Janet. In Episode 2, we follow Sam's second month living in the Subway. He's still painfully unsure if he's on a show or not, but he's resigned to his new life. With the help of Tom Black, a subway musician, Sam has been able to live off the food in the vending machines. But when something happens to Tom, Sam has to find a way to provide for himself. Custom backdrops, custom score, and full 4 character voice acting.
Categories: Art House Mystery Drama