Sorrows of The Spy - Episode 2 (Part 2)

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Description: (Rated PG-13 for violence, infrequent cursing, use of alcohol & tobacco, and suggestive humor) Sorrows of The Spy - Episode 2 Now with the data at hand and recovering from Razer's attack, Cooper and his team are sent to a space-station called "Xerxes' Palace" to meet an agent with their new orders; the ever insistent Godwyn and his mysterious prisoner, however, do not make things any easier, and the Commonwealth continues to become increasingly involved in the mission, much to Cooper's dismay. Meanwhile, Natasha Anderson awaits to meet with her to-be husband Jonathan Ferguson, whose goals conflict greatly with her own. But does Anderson have another agenda up her sleeve? (This was originally planed to be one episode. Please watch both parts before reviewing.) - VOCAL CREDITS (* indicates the character appears in this episode) - Rposhard - Dale Cooper */Razer *, Howitzer - Fergan Godwyn *, Mefune Akira - Barry Walker *, Sparky1512 - Charles Anrea *, Moonshadow Rogue (AKA FlatEarth) - Verus Dassinger *, Sisch - Natasha Anderson *, Killer_Actress - Nina Parker *, Dark_Lucia - Silvia Walker *, Artorious - Sgt. Banes Persekel, Meowan - Pfc. Alder Yeager, OD-Ork-Boy - Pfc. Frank Bishop/Zabarnacaus "Zabon" Claybraun */Many other voices *, JazzX - Emperor Jonathan Ferguson */Drunk *, Nukester - Cpl. Jero Jaimel *, Goofparade - Mr. Sinchex, Rjb2112 - Ensign Kayand, Pookashells - Newsman, BlazeLeeDragon - Captain Johan Kelmeraz, AnotherNewDawn - Richard */Imperial Soldier 1#, Jase180 - Vick *, Kuroken, DawnOfMan, Rileyman, Deliriousstudios - Imperial Soldiers, ForceFlow - Derrus, OcelotFilms - Military Announcer, TheFlyingDude - Natasha's Man-Servant *, Userjosh9874 - Banker, - MUSIC CREDITS (in order, both episodes) - "Prepare For Battle" - FredTheDuck, from 8eyedbaby "Deal With It" - StokeBob, from 8eyedbaby "Dark Aftermath" - SlipKnotRope, from 8eyedbaby "Smooth" - Sgporsche48, from 8eyedbaby "Jazzy/Blues Song" - EoBaggs, from 8eyedbaby "Testament" - Capemedia, from skinshack - MODS - Pookashells, Safetycopy, Lizard, Rik-Vargard, Dr_House, Alphadrop, Tarison, Psyckosama, Rysto. All sounds are either from the game or created by me and are available upon request. -ADDITIONAL CREDITS AND THANKS- Liam "Yin Yang" Strang, Charles "Zerofiles.exe/Zerodaimu" Krupp II, Conor "TheCurryLord" Attwood, Fred "Scarab Master" Van Houten, Ian "Alex" Graham, Jonathan "Purgatoryfire" Archer, Kenn "Kitten_Celeste" McNish, Mark "Loknar" Charters, and all of those who's real names I don't know that helped create the EOA universe and the original role-play that Sorrows of The Spy was based upon. Nukester and Howitzer for their continued support. Mefune Akira, Rposhard, Artorious, Moonshadow Rogue, and JazzX, for their wonderful Ad-libs. The entire Movies community for their devotion and appreciation of the series.