Blood and Honour Part 2

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Description: Movie by ProKanada. Released May, 2006. This is, after a long wait, the second part of my movie about two gay nazis that fall in love with each other in France during the Second World War. A big thanks to those who watched and rated part 1 and encouraged (and nagged) me to finish part 2. :) Part 2 has now been split into parts 2 and 3, as my PC simply couldn’t handle the sync properly at that length. Part 3 will be up in about 2 weeks! In this continuation, suspicion among the troops grows that Gauleiter (which basically means “leader” of a Nazi district) Alexander von Kamp might be homosexual. Worried about the consequences of an “outing”, Alexander and his boyfriend secretly plan to defect to the allied side as soon as the Allies get close enough to the French city of Montpellier. Though portraying relationships – much less gay ones – in my movies isn’t one of my strong points, I suppose this part of the trilogy could be described as the “character development” part of the series.
Categories: Action Drama
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