The Epic Fail Collab Promo

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Description: Face it. You know your old videos sucked. It happened to all of us. There are just some early films of ours so awful and bad they must never be seen. You try to forget them. I want you to find the worst abomonation you have ever made... AND MAKE IT AGAIN. The Epic Fail Collab: Remaking your worst film that you ever made, only this time, in EPIC fashion. Great production values, mods, VA's, but you cant polish a turd, right? Youre going to remake the worst film you ever made, even if its about ppl in clown and gorilla costumes stabbing eachother, and make it, well, epic. But you cant deviate from the plot of the original film. This is a new contest and I wish you all good luck, if you have any questions, PM me, and Im putting the link to the SIGN UP thread below.