Scarecrow Jones

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Description: After getting fired from his job guarding crops for being just a little bit too friendly, mild-mannered scarecrow Scarecrow Jones, tries following a different career path with a little help from his friend, the ever helpful and knowledgeable Barman Frank. But is it possible to teach an old scarecrow new tricks? Find out in Andy Inc's latest comedy/drama film... Scarecrow Jones Starring: Andy Inc as everyone Mods: Various mods from 8eyedbaby and DCModding Scarecrow costume/prop + Cornfields by SexyMaria Blue 19'er by Tarison available on DCModding Pool Table made by me Music: Music & various SFX by, the artists- Cog, Wolfmother, Creeper Lagoon and Andrea Bochelli Made with The Movies and edited via Magix Movie Edit Pro 12 WARNING: Contains some strong language
Categories: Comedy Drama