Friends Vs Foes 1 (3D Movie Maker)

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Description: NOTE: This is a re-upload due to the missing icon glitch. Recently, I have began to revisit some really old movies I made with Microsoft 3D Movie Maker when I was about 8 or 9. I found these flicks stored on an old CD of mine. This is the first installment of the \"Friends and Foes\" series that I did. They were originally supposed to focus on me and my friends but I edited them to make it less \"personal\". These films may have been good for the age I made them. Looking back though, they are pretty bad. They have stupid dialogue, ridiculous situations, annoying MIDI music, default scenery and non-sensual plots (if you can even call them plots). This entire series is one great big autism simulator. SPOILER: Nothing much happens in this film really, this guys get chased by the two, a plane crashes without blowing up and killing anyone, and some girl finds a letter that this guy is supposedly in trouble. This is only the beginning of the ridiculousness this series has to offer as later installments get even more bizarre.
Categories: Action Comedy