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Description: This is a story about a fictive TMU director, named Dalen, who dies in an accident, leaving an unfinished movie behind. As a tribute to him, another director, Goofparade, will finish the movie. But while piecing the VO's together he realizes someting is strange with the script... -Written by JosephKw CAST Nahton LucindaMc Userjosh Rjanaconda Trewill7 Ken White Roger Strange Burlong Deeb MikeDboing Macwemyss Asaoleary123 Ubernewbie TFoster Dulci BenTuttle90 Tinman(K4) Kwistufa Goofparade Joseph Kwong MUSIC "Ouverture" Rik Vargard "The thing called love" Sisch "Farewell my friend" nOOray "Everything sucks" Smirne ( "Falling" Clio ( "Dance of the Dryad" Den Vessidence ( "The lost world" Conor McCauley ( "Meteor" Pianoforte ( "Search your grave" Jay Summers ( "Lament of the Gods" Rising Chaos (CRF250) ( "Each other" Elliott Shinham ( SKYPE TEAM Aleister Danakern Rik Vargard Joseph Kwong SPECIAL THANKS Stvndysn JazzX PROGRAMS The Movies Videostudio 12 Plus PhotoImpact X3 3Ds Max 7 Modplug Tracker AVS Video Converter Nero Wave Editor Freez Screen Video Capture Skype I hope you'll like it! Any comments are welcome!
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