Ganster Nation 1-2

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Description: By UrinatingTree It's here! It's finally here! The "ghetto-fabulous" continuation to the surprise hit of the summer, Gangster Nation, has been released out to the public. Fresh off of their successful drive-by of the water cooler, the Gangsters decide to introduce their brand of gangster onto the populace at a much larger scale. However, when their pranks go horribly wrong, the Gangsters fear that those "hooligans" are up to it. They feel that they are sabotaging their efforts to prank the populace due to their successful drive-by. It is unanimously decided that they will "skidoo all over" Cool D and his gang, but they need to pull off another prank for more power. What they figure out to do next will test the courage of even the mightiest of gangsters... This movie features a custom soundtrack. The music in this movie is was courtesy of Wikipedia, Flashkit, and Newgrounds. Most of the music from the Gangster scenes are actual Depression-era hits. The names of the songs are in the order of play: Mississippi John Hurt - "Nobody's Dirty Business" Tommy Johnson - "Big Road Blues" Mississippi John Hurt - "Louis Collins" ALL OF THE RECORDINGS LISTED ABOVE ARE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. Enjoy the movie... I hope. NOTE: If you haven't seen the precending film in the series, Gangster Nation, it is recommended that you do so for the sake of better understanding the plot. If this is your movie and you would like it removed, please contact us.
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