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The Lounge Singer 2009
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The lounge singer has a secret admirer. How far will his obsession take him?

Please don't post any spoilers in your review.

This is a reimagining of a movie I made in 2003 using TheMovies. Dedicated to all the fans of the original who inspired me to take on the project one more time.

I am of course not 100% happy with the final outcome (I never am), but I hope that it comes clearly across as a
labor of love.

Made primarily with iclone3, with just a tiny dash of TheMovies. Edited with VideoStudio12. A very special sound effect by JohnnyEx.

All singing done by yours truly (one duet with Sparky).

Video shot at: Dulciland - United States - 2009-04-12

Added: Apr 13, 2009  |  Runtime: 9:45 |  Views: 3316

Video Tags: Dulci Musical Mefuneakira Sparky Nahton Obsession
Related Categories: Drama  Romance  Musical 

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