Different sized Actors in The movies

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Description: Lionhead's game, The Movies does not allow different sized actors. Resizing the 3d Models causes distortions since the bones do not resize. What we did here at Beastly Exploitation Cinema Research & Development was to use the power of VirtualDub to make our actors appear different sizes. First the scene was filmed normally to show what it would Normally look like. We then filmed the scene with our key actors using Mike D'Boing's Invisible People costume. We then filmed each actor separately on an identical set that had been retextured bright green (0,255,0). In VirtualDub exported each actor's performance into BMPs. In Paint.Net, then removed their shadow and replaced it with the green. Using Donald Graft's VirtualDub filter; Logo 1.7b2; we added each actor into the scene that had them originally wearing the Invisible People costume. Assuming that each actor in The Movies game is six feet tall, we scaled the teacher up to be 6'2\" and scaled the student down to be 5'2\" The Invisible People costume can be found here at Director's Cut Modding Foundry ( http://www.dcmodding.com/drupal/node/2446 ) VirtualDub can be found here: http://www.virtualdub.org/ Donald Graft's logo filter for VD can be found here: http://neuron2.net/ Paint.net can be found here: http://www.getpaint.net/
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