Extreme V Demolition

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Description: During the filming of a new 3 episode machinima in Secondlife tm, the strangest thing happened. Our set started floating off, and actually went flying and exploding - out of control. As I still had my camera running, I am now able to share what happened. The whole process took around 30 minutes, it is speeded up a little for the films sake. It looks quite beautiful and spectacular in the film - but it had our nerves flying with every prim that went off sim. The sounds are added in post production. This is my most serious attempt at sound design ever! I really need to say a special thank you to: * Phaylen Fairchild for driving that Jaguar and staying cool * Toxic Menges for helping me submit a request to Lindenlab for rollback * Jason Linden for his awesome help and restoring the set, so we can now continue filming