COLD Companion Four - It Wasn't the Plan

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Description: It Wasn't the Plan - Cold Companion Four This part of the continuing story of COLD takes place in July 2006. This is the story of how Gabrielle meets The Vampire for the first time. In helping her friend Eric Grant try to locate the Vampires responsible for killing Eric's family she discovers The Vampire hiding in plain site, playing at a club in the city where they all live. Eric and Gabrielle start formulating a plan to kill The Vampire and his coven. However Gabrielle's ability to read minds and cloak her own thoughts gives her an edge over The Vampire and she decides to create her own plan to gain his trust so she can find out where he lives. She stubbornly decides to check out the club where Sanguinary Tyrant is playing even though Eric asks her not to go it alone. Wanting to keep Eric out of harms way having confidence to walk into a vampire club on her own, she lies about her whereabouts to Eric and goes there. The timeline for those of you following along...this is about 1 month before Elsbeth goes into the sun. as usual - go to my site for the high rezzzz.
Categories: Horror