Imperium III

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Description: Movie by Ratonero. Originally released September 2, 2006. The story thus far: The Skorpio and Osthul Houses are at war, while Miyamoto, the last one from the House of Kerberos -destroyed by the Skorpio- travels with the mercenary June Whisper to meet the Reverend Mother of Tiskali. But the Brotherhood of Navigators have their own plans... The third part of the Imperium saga. Now I have my S&E copy, so expect some cool effects in Imperium IV! Spanish voices, English subtitles. VOs by: Ratonero... (I need VO actors...argh!) Props by: Rik_Vargard. Holdmykidney. Skeltch. Onald. Zebra. Fraasmovies. All picked from and skinshack. Music excerpts by: Rik_Vargard Meowan. "Eternal Champion", "The stand" and "Sandstorm" music excerpts are by Pierre Langer, from Sound effects by: IG_88 the_richman and the modders from 8eyedbaby. Thanks to all the modders, and my apologies if I missed someone! Dedicated to
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