Night By Night - A hebrew lullaby (with subs)

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Description: A TMO movie, originally posted on 20th April, 07, and moved more than one viewer. It was, to the best of my knowledge the first, and perhaps the only, TMO movie in Hebrew. I've taken the original clip, remastered the sound (basically, I took the old soundfile, removed the harmonizing track and re-recorded it) to give the haunting words and melody all the quality they deserve. Translation (in subs) is not literal word to word translation but rather a translation of the meaning in a way that also goes well with the tempo of the song) Singing: Rogue, yours truly Visual compilation: Flat Earth Studios, again yours truly External edit (for the remastered soundtrack): Virtual Dub this song is dedicated to two people: K-aos (Little Owl), my fiance and Sisch, for actually remembering the original :P
Categories: Art House Musical Romance