The Betterment of Mankind

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Description: ....A high brow/low brow comedy wherein a ....supernatural being attempts to rehabilitate internet troll or two. ....This video contains thoughtless insults, ....thoughtful discourse, antagonistic criticism, ....introspective dialog, sophomoric humor, ....objective reasoning, destructive actions, ....instructive guidance, indifferent hostility ....and profound self discovery. ....It also contains implied animal cruelty and ....actual human cruelty but since the animal ....cruelty is only implied there shouldn't be any complaints. It's 12 minutes of your life you are never getting back. There is one bad curse word that a professional baseball player would never purposely say into a microphone to a stadium full of fans. (Google David Ortiz F-Bomb) This video also features one new prop I've created and some new animations made especially for this production.
Categories: Comedy