Zombie Prison

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Description: Zombie Prison is my new mini series made with iclone5 and is an apocalyptic global event focusing manly at a fictional High Security Prison located in the heart of the Florida Everglades! Episode one mainly focuses on introducing the main characters but there are lots of parts to fill mostly male however there are two main female roles that need to be filled! Lyndsey Stanton is a beautiful young reporter for channel six news! She's a hot headed redhead ready to make a move to the anchor desk! Convicted murderer John Williams is innocent and hoping that Governor Jackson who was the prosecuting Attorney at his trial 5yrs ago grants him a stay of execution after serial killer James Anthony Banks confesses to murdering Williams Wife! Nurse Nancy Higgins (who has a phone sex voice) is on the heavy side and works at the prison to well (meet men) I realize that I'm new to iclone and some of you may be reluctant to offer your voice to someone as raw as I am. However I would greatly appreciate your input and or participation with me on this project! If you would like to see the script send me a PM. Thank you Gary
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