Capitol Manifesto

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Description: By AlexBradley Something is rotten in the city of CAPITOL! Now that our heroes have joined the factions closest to their hearts, they are about to learn just what is expected of them in the days ahead. Their ingenuity, faith, and humanity are about to be tested. Will they be ready? CAPITOL: Manifesto is the long-awaited third chapter in a futuristic morality tale. Catch up on anything you've missed in CAPITOL: Origin and Initiation! Voice Acting by: AlexBradley - Newsia, Backslash, Sgt. Killian BlazeLeeDragon - Uncle Andros Oracle Kwistufa - Pvt. Toth Lizard - Senate Officer Feer MefuneAkira - Asterisk Pookashells - Angel ReneeCamus - Sister 4621 (Miri Pearl), Ellipsis Sisch - Sister 4620 Mods provided by: AlexBradley - Alshten - BusStopWilly - Concordy32 - Dannisky - Dr House - Drucifer67 - Fraasmovies - Frenhofer - Froci - Hirsches - JudyAnn88 - MarvellousGuppiMovies - TheMedievalModders - MelGhoul - MikeDBoing - Monkeybiz - MrRainbow - Onald - Reacher - Rik Vargard - Rollercoaster - Rysto - Samyhouse - Sturk - Tarison - Tripmills - Ubernewbie - Walvince - Music: Bells, Bass, and Inc. and Scratch N Sniff by Sound Waves by Delirious Studios Infoscape by DIZ Le Parking by Gregoire Lourme * Lucifer Aeternum and Will You Come Back by LZN02 * Angoisses by Mikk0112 Closed Corridors by Mystic_Sleet Traitor Fight by Rik Vargard Morphosis by Roger Subirana * Beauty by Tryad * No Me O Ubau by TheCatsRed * These artists appear courtesy of Creative Commons ---- Bless my poor obsolete machine! Due to memory limitations, I had to creatively work around some of the original effects I had in the movie. I'm probably better for it. Special thanks again to Lionhead for giving me something to visualize my work in, even if scenes magically change camera angles on me sometimes (surely this must happen to real DPs too?). Well, enjoy!