The Last Laugh

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Description: Meet Bradley Uppercrust the Third, the most loathed individual in the world. Homicidal, ruthless, and cruel, this chilling man absolutely hates humans and will stop at nothing to rid of all of them. Enter Bradley's disturbing spiral into the deep dungeons of hell as he stops at nothing to finish his quest. (I do consider this movie as an extremely radical departure from what I usually do. The results turned out quite interesting.) Made for ravenfans's 2nd LNEYME contest. I love those contests!!! The Cast: tsunamidog as Bradley Uppercrust the Third Night565 as Jackson Jones and Bank Manager goofparade as Bank accountant sisch as Innocent Lady and mysterious caller nukester as Jerry thebiz as Policeman and timothy_richmond_3 as Dippo Directed, written, and music by timothy_richmond_3. I upload again in low-res, sadly. Enjoy!!!
Categories: Horror Mystery Action