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Description: t has been 1000 years since creating the first B.M.S (Biological made soldiers) This new type of soldier, made with cloned bodies of other people, doesn´t have emotions, doesn´t have feelings. They have been made to be perfect soldiers. They have the best and most secret weapons of U.S.A. In March 2010, the U.S.A. had the first batallion of B.M.S and sent them to Iraq and Afghanistan. They won the war in just one week! All the enemies of the U.S.A were so scared that they never attacked any other country. People thought that the B.M.S were their guardian angels. It wasn´t going to be like that forever. In November 2010, a terrorist hacked the B.M.S creating facility and gave an order to all B.M.S in the world: Destroy all life on Earth. The war beetwen B.M.S and life began. In 2110, an evacuation process began and all life left alive went to space and lived in mother ships. The B.M.S couldn´t attack those motherships because the order was to destroy life on Earth, but not on other places. In 3010, a mother ship received an order from central intelligence, telling them to look for all life left on Earth. That is how this the story began. Im going to do this movie around December, Im making other movies now. Check out my other movies like He... a movie about a ghost,