Killzone Redux Teaser Trailer

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Description: Kill Zone is an independant sci-fi film written, directed and produced by Chris Yardley for CYCO STUDIOS and C.Y.C.O. Productions. Music was composed and performed by Chris Yardley, Visual Fx by Chris Yardley's Frankensteins Lab. The idea behind KillZone is that it is a futuristic reality t.v show where the contestants are hunted down by flying KILL BOTS. In the future the Mass Media controls every aspect of life, from the food you eat, to what you watch, to what you wear...everything. The longer you watch T.V. in the future the more you earn credits, the only problem is that you can only spend your credits on that networks products. Compitition is fearce amongst the T.V. Networks and each station has its own popular reality t.v. The Infinitus Network has KILLZONE, the highest rated show on the planet. 4 contestants are sent into the Game Zone and all they have to do is survive 48 hours, while being hunted down by the deadly Kill Bot military drone. There's action, gore, head explosions, lasers slicing through flesh...YOU ARE ABOUT TO ENTER THE KILL ZONE. THIS IS YOUR REALITY. written & directed by Chris Yardley Visual Fx by Frankensteins Lab. CYCO STUDIOS C.Y.C.O. PRODUCTIONS IMPORTANT EXTRA INFO: First things first. KILLZONE is not a fan film based on the game KILLZONE. KILLZONE is a blend of LIVE ACTION and CGI. What this means is that it uses REAL actors and using professional software and equipment such as Adobe After Effects, Effectslab Pro, Compositelab Pro. Iclone 4 Pro, Blender, Hi Def Camera's and Bluescreen technology to blend Real Life actors and use The Movies Sets as VIRTUAL SETS so the real actors can interact with The Movies surroundings. That's all I'm willing to give away just now...stay tuned for further developments. Watch in Hi Def at: