Elektronisch Oerwoud (Electronic Jungle)

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Description: This cutout animation film was my first, completed in 1971 in collaboration with my mother, the visual artist Apoline van Zuijlen. It's a story about a monster that disturbs the peace in the jungle and needs to be defeated. Warning: this was done on 8mm film and then transferred, so the visual quality is that of an old projector... The technique used is paper cutouts based on my mother's art, which were then moved over a background she created, with each change in position being filmed, frame by frame. I did the animation and also created the very edgy electronic music, trying to play in sync while the film was running. In this version I keep close to the original, but I added subtitles to clarify the story a bit. Even I had some trouble following it after all this time! I also added some ambiance sounds at the beginning.