Confessing the Blues

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Description: Movie by ryanjm. Originally released July 3, 2006. Follow the story of the nameless narrator, a man struck "big-time with the blues", on this first part of his sad confession. A fresh approach to making movies (that is a movie which is based on quality of script, story and Voice Acting, rather than 'cool' effects) makes this a movie-experience you don't want to miss. The gloomy and gritty feeling of those old 'Film Noir' movies has been applied to this series, along with a keen sense for detail, offering what I would like to call a unique and exceptional mood to this newly released movie. Wait no longer, just enjoy the film..! It ends with a cliffhanger that will be resolved (or will it?) in the next episode, so stay tuned. This is the first of (what I believe to be) a four part series. Thanks to Fenella for voice acting "Momma" and "Emma Dalessandro". Music from Watch and Enjoy...
Categories: Mystery Action
Tags: "film noir"